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Turkey has different museum such as:
  • Adana museum, this museum was established in 1926 and was consist of archaeology parts and libraries. More than 107000 antique things from Neolithic period to Rome and Bisance period which was protected.
  • Amacia museum, this museum was established since 1926 and consist of archaeology founds since first Bronze period to Osmanli period.
  • Antalya civilization museum (in Ankara) many in this museum remnants which related to Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze period, Hitian culture and some old civilization, were collected together.
  • Turkey independency wars museum and Turkey republic (in Ankara) with name of Amirkabir national museum parliament, where the first parliament was observed in 1920 in museum department and also republic announcement.
  • Atatork museum and mausoleum (in Ankara) and Atatork`s military assets, documents, medals, albums and etc which was collected.
  • Archaeology museum (in Ankara) contains of Art Islamic and Turk samples.
  • Antalya museum consist of prehistorical parts, archaeology, numismatic and ethnic.
  • Ayasofya museum (located in Istanbul) which was established in 527 A.D. in Bizance Caesarism and its name was the church of Santa Sophia till 1453 A.D. and turn to Ayasofya mosque after triumph on Ghostantanie in Istanbul by Osmanli.
  • Topkapi palace museum (in Istanbul) this palace was established in period of Somali’s king, king Mohammad second and now a collection of jewelries, cloth, glassware, chinaware and cupreous tools, silver and coppery things, …were collected are belongs to Somali’s kings.
  • Istanbul navy museum which shows Istanbul’s arsenal in Somali’s kings period.
  • Turkey military museum (in Istanbul) contains of military uniforms, weapons and booties of old times.
  • Islamic and Turk Art museum contains stony and chalky sculptures, woody lithographs, metallic and fictile tools and handicrafts.
  • Sculpture museum and painting (in Istanbul) consist of Turkey paintings and sculptures in 19 and 20 centuries
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