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Turkey is spot junction between Asia and Europe. Turkey land is visible like rectangle which its length from East to West is about 1660 kilometers and its width normally is 550 kilometers. The space of this country is about 814578 square kilometers consist of two peninsulas, Anatoly peninsulas which consist of %97 of Turkey land, located on Asia And second peninsulas is named eastern Teras which consist of %3 of Turkey land in Europe part of this country. Turkey has two European neighbors and six Asian neighbors. This country is conterminous from North with Common Wealth countries with 610 kilometers, from South with Syria with 877 kilometers, from West with Greece 212 and with Bulgaria 269 kilometers, from East with Islamic republic of Iran 454 kilometers and with Iraq 331 kilometers.  
Turkey divided to seven regions which consist of:

  • North of Anatoly (Black Sea region) like belt at top of the Turkey land.
  • Marmare region consist of Marmare Sea and Europe part of turkey.
  • Age region which is continued from Age Beach Sea to west of Anatoly part.
  • Mediterranean region which is located in south of Turkey.
  • Anatoly central region was located in center of Turkey.
  • East Anatoly eastern region is the highest region in Turkey.
  • Antalya Southeast region consist of extreme heights. Turkey is surrounding in three sides by Black Sea in North, Mediterranean Sea in South and Ajhe Sea in West.


Turkey has many lakes which one of them is Van Lake with space of 3713 square kilometers and Salt Lake with space of 1620 square kilometers which its water is so brinish and its density is so high.
Capital of turkey is Ankara city and from important cities we can mention Istanbul, Ezmir, Adana, Bursa, Arzerum, Ghunie, Antalya, Urfa, Van, Aghry, and Edirne…

Turkey population is young and seeker. After Turkey independence in 1923 because of being politic problems, relevant authorities of that time were seeking for ways to increase the population. According to year 2000 census Turkey population was about 71255000 persons. Yearly, population increasing speed in Turkey is about %2.17. Turkish is native and formal language of them and was counted as one of the oldest world languages. After republic announcing in 1923 Latin alphabet was substitute to Arabic and after alphabet changes, grammar correction was started and pursuit by respublica.

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