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Syria is a country with space of about 5500 square kilometers and population of 13 millions. This country is conterminous from South with Jordan and Israel and from North with Turkey and from East is neighbor with Iraq and from West with Lebanon and Mediterranean. The boundary length over the entire country is as follow: with Iraq 596 kilometers, with Jordan 356 kilometers, with Lebanon 359 kilometers, with Mediterranean 183 kilometers, with Israel 74 kilometers, with Turkey 845 kilometers.

Arabic is the main and basic Syria language which %89 of people speaks with. In addition %6 speaks in Kurdish, %3 speaks in Armenian and the rest %2 speaks the other hard languages. The written line of Syria people is Arabic too. About %85 of Syria population are Muslims and only %15 is Christian. Sunnis are %70 of total Syria population, make major society. Syria TV and radio are established since 1945 in Dameshgh; their TV programs are broadcasted with Arabic, French, English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Polack, Turkish and Bulgarian languages. In 1993 Syria generally has 29000 kilometers asphalted roads which 22680 kilometers of that amount covered with common and asphalted roads, its 670 kilometers is highway and Autobahn and the rest covered with dusty roads. There are 30 museums in Syria which located in different cities such as Halab museum that was established since 1960, Entahririeh Museum located in Dameshgh, National museum in Dameshgh, Palmyra museum which was established since 1961 in Palmyra, Ghasrolazm museum in Dameshgh and Soida museum in Tartus.