Route from Tehran to Naxcivan Map of Country



Autonomic Republic of Naxcivan is mountain area which located on southwestern of ghafghaz. This republic is conterminous from South and northwestern with Iran and Turkey and from north and northeastern is neighbor with Armenia. The space of this Republic is about 5500 square kilometers. Its conterminous with Iran is about 163 kilometer and with Iran is 11 kilometer and with Armenia is 224 kilometer. Naturally, Naxcivan has various climates. Generally their lands are higher than sea level as half of these lands are located in height of 1000 to 2000 meter. Near 400 large and small rivers are flowed there. There are 215 source of mineral water which some of them has medicine importance.
NaxcivanAutonomic Republic of Naxcivan is a part of Azerbaijan Republic that its capital is Naxcivan and its distances to Baku is 536 kilometer the important cities of this republic are Naxcivan, Ordubad, Sharur, Sadrak, and Shahbuz. The space of Naxcivan is about 12 square kilometers and the entire republic consists of five cities, five townships and about 203 villages. In 17th Nov 1991 Autonomic Republic of Naxcivan with general changes in statute, previous socialist law partially deleted and was changed its name from socialist republic to Autonomic Republic of Naxcivan. Speaker is the highest politic level in Naxcivan. According to 1991 population of enumeration this Republic are 327919 persons that % 95.9 Azerbaijani, %1.3 Russian and %1.1 Kurd. Also %4 Tatar and different races could be numbered. The population of Naxcivan is about 65514 persons. From museums of Naxcivan we can number Jamshid museum, Hossein Javid and Ordobar which was built in their houses. On Mar 1371 Islamic Republic of Iran consulate was opened in Naxcivan and the first Iran consulter started to work in Naxcivan.