Route from Tehran to Baku Map of Country

Azerbaijan Republic:


Azerbaijan Republic located on East of Caucasus ashore Western beach of Caspian Sea, is conterminous from South with Armenia Republic and Turkey, from North with Autonomic Republic of Dagestan located in Federative Russia and from northwestern with Georgia Republic. The space of this Republic is about 86600 square kilometers. Azerbaijan consists of Autonomic Republic of Nakhjavan which was separated by Armenia from that country and also autonomic area of Tagorno Gharebagh.
AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Republic has 250 Lakes which the longest is Kabul Gachir Lake with space of 15.5 kilometer. Aras River located on boundary between Iran and Azerbaijan Republic, the longest branch is Kura River located in Ghafghaz Olia. The length of this River is 1072 kilometer. Aras River emanate from Bisal Foothill Mountains. Azerbaijan Republic
Located on subtropics region and there are different types of climate from moist and dried subtropics to ardent mountains climates in this republic. Dried subtropics climate which was common on Middle and Eastern Azerbaijan with long and winter (4-5 months) and extremely hot summer and with moderate temperature of 27 c and maximum temperature of 43 c was specified. There are moist subtropics climate on Southeast of Azerbaijan with rainfall of 1200 – 1400 ml and almost half of Azerbaijan land is mountains. The important mountains of this republic are consisting of Babadag, Bazadiozio, Bozdag, Morodag, Shakhdag and Talesh. Azerbaijan republic has 65 cities and 130 camps and also consists of Autonomic Republic of Nakhjavan with space of 5500 square kilometers and population of 295000 with capital of Nakhjavan and Autonomic United of Tagorno Gharebagh with space of 4400 square kilometers and population of 188000 persons and its center is Estepancret.
AzerbaijanBaku is capital of Azerbaijan, ancient city and important in economic view. The population of this city on Jan 1990 was about 1779500 persons. The population of Azerbaijan in first Jan 1991 was computed 7137000 persons. There are many cities located in Azerbaijan such as Saliaty, Ghazi Mohammad, Geuk Chay, Bulakh, kub, Baku, Lankaran and Nafte Chaloshki. Many races are living in country with different trait in economic, culture and type of life, these groups consists of Irumy, Karapayahoy, Padry, Shahsavany and Kardagy. Some of them live inside of Azerbaijan boundary and some live in Iran and Turkey. Azerbaijan language is formal language of Azerbaijani people. 
This language was written since 1929 in Arab alphabet, since 1929 to 1939 Latin alphabet and since 1939 in Russian alphabet and Crill line.                
In 1992 Azerbaijan parliament refuses the use of Serilic alphabet which at that time was use for and chooses Latin alphabet. Cultural heritage of this republic is contains of museums, libraries and artistic galleries. Artistic Azerbaijan museum (Baku), history of academy science (Baku), learning museum (Baku), country museum of Chasr Shirvan Shah…… (Baku) and Azerbaijan Literature museum whose name is Nezami Ganjavi (Baku) are the famous Azerbaijan museum. Roads were carried out %62 of this republic transportation. In 31 December 1989, lengths of complete roads are about 30400 kilometer which their 28600 kilometer is gravel lands. Bus has high value in farer transportation. Monetary Unit of Azerbaijan in 15 August 1992 was ruble. But after that date, a new monetary unit was substitute as national monetary with name of Menat. Its flag has three colors from up to down which are blue, red and green. In center of flag on red color there is a crescent and star with 8 white color feathers. Islamic Republic of Iran in Jan 1991 recognizes the independence of Azerbaijan so Iran’s ambassadorship in Baku was the first ambassadorship of foreign country in Azerbaijan Republic. So Azerbaijan ambassadorship was established in 1992 in Tehran.