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International farer transportation with Armenya republic started after Soviet Republics Union dissipates and after Armenya Republic Autocracy in (1991).
Armenya Republic with space of 29800 square kilometers is conterminous from North with Georgia, from South with Islamic Republic of Iran, from West with Turkey, from Southwest with Autonomic Republic of Nakhjavan, from West with Azerbaijan Republic. Capital of Armenya is Iravan. According to statistical records in 1993, Armenya Republic population was about 3632000 persons. Based on specified researches belongs to 3000 years B.C. different nations were lived on central and Western areas of this country.
Armenya name was seen first time in Daryush’s epigraph in Bisotoon which was belonged to 521 lunar. It was written in epigraph as follow: “I conquer Armenya and Yontus country”.
In 301 A.D. Armenya accepted Christianity as a first country (before Rome in 314 A.D.). In 404 A.D. Armenya alphabets was innovated by Masrup Mashtos.
Road transportation in Armenya has the first degree in transportation context in that country. In 1990 A.D., Armenya road length was 7400 kilometer and in the same year 160 millions farers were traveled by electric and petrol buses. Railways are 840 kilometer; Armenya Air transportation in 1990 A.D. was conveyed about 5458300 farers. This Republic has no available to free waters.

International road transportation agreement (good and farer) between Islamic Republic of Iran and Republic state of Armenya.
In article - 2 of domain execution comes that:
Provisions of this agreement give right to transportation operating staff that by using automotive enterprise to farer and freight transportation through roads between guarantor countries or by transition of their territory to other countries.
In article - 3 of farer transportation comes that:
Farer transportation operation by its operating staff between one of guarantor countries in other guarantor countries will depends on permission which must be according to provisions of later guarantor.

In article – 6 of inner transportation prohibition comes that:
Provisions of this agreement give no right to transportation operating staff that enterprise to farer and freight transportation in roads of other guarantor countries from one side to other side of the same countries.
In article – 13 of being indispensable and credit time comes that:

……………..this agreement was signed 1371/7/14 (1992/10/6) consist of an introduction and 13 article, in two original copy in Farsi, Armenyan and English language in Iravan. Each three texts will have the same credit and ……. 
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