Route from Tehran to Yerevan Map of Country



Armenya republic expanse of 298000 square kilometers located in west of Asia and Southwest of Ghafghaz region. This country was enumerated as the smallest former Soviet Republics Union; this country is conterminous from North with Georgia, from South with Islamic Republic of Iran, from West with Turkey, from Southwest with Autonomic Republic of Nakhjavan, from West with Azerbaijan Republic. Armenya Lake is Suan Lake which was located the east of that country and performs an important function in region Ecosystem. This lake that located in height of 1924 meters from sea level is one of the highest of large world freshwater lake. The space of entire Suan Lake is 525 square miles which use it to supply electricity power and also for freshwater cities disposability and agriculture. The more important Armenya cities are consist of: Irvan, Giomery, Vanadzur, Abduyan, Akhuryan, Amasia, Maralic, Aparan, Artashat, Ashnarc, Ejmiadzin, Ghapan, Guris, Gugark, Ijvan, Martony, Masis, Alaverdy, Vardnis and Kamo.
Armenya population in 1997 was about 3600000 persons. In 21 September 1991 A.D. Armenya people were taking part in an unexampled referendum and voted to Armenya independence from former Soviet Republics Union in 5 years process.

In 21 December 1991 A.D. Armenya was the member of common wealth countries society. With establishing this Union, Soviet Republics Union was dissipated.

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