Company Management:

Now Mohammad Sadegh son of hajj Boyuk Ghasab Sahebcar is preside International company Management Transport Company of Didar Seir e Gity.
Hajj Boyuk Ghasab Sahebcar son of Ali Akbar was born in 1303 after First World War in middle religious family and with starting Second World War he enters to public transportation.
According to historic documentation, in past beasts was the only transportation vehicle.
But after First World War and with expeditionary of Russian, gharry and caroche was entered to Iran. At first caroche was especial for aristocrat but after awhile people also transport with these vehicles.
Town expansion and deletion of around villages was the cause of making distance between person’s home and office and this problem cause urban transportation system.
Since 1320 public transportation network was limited to some bus set which activate in some Tehran ways. These buses were belonged to personal owner.
Hajj Boyuk Ghasab Sahebcar also in 1325 in Tabriz was working the same work and with some possessive buses entered to urban public transportation of Tabriz.
Before appearance automobile, garages were where gharry and caroche and Stagecoach were kept there and were laded. Inchmeal that automobile was appeared and gradually with increasing automobile, gharry houses turned to garages.
At first garages were the only places where not only a place of keeping automobiles but also entertain of Lorry automobile and dilly Freighter which farer for driving and conceive for freights. Then for increasing automobiles and lorry and freight and farer’s abundance, freight’s garages were separated from farer’s garages and each of them got the separated mood and position. At that time garages were exported both ticket for farers and Bill of lading for their freights too.
He bought one of these garages which at that time turned to Institute and named it to “Rasti”. Rasti Institute concurrently transported both freight and farer.

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